Family Mileage Challenge

Sunday, March 2, 2008

How to post your miles

...It's so simple, a pickle could do it.

To add your miles to the family total, start by clicking on the "On our way to Orlando" ticker above. That will connect you with the tickerfactory site, and specifically to the page for updating info. The password is the same as our code word for our Talkie Walkies (or see above, hint hint).

Click on "Edit/Update Data."

Here's the only tricky part: to add your miles to the total, DON'T type your day's miles in the box and then click on "Add." CLICK ON "ADD" FIRST, and then wait for the dialog box to pop up (you might have to tell your browser to temporarily allow the popup) and type your miles in the dialog box. If you type your daily miles in the box on that first tickerfactory page and then click "add," it will reset the total milage to whatever number you just typed in. Got that?

Oh, and the dialog box will ask for "payment made" or something odd like that. It will still show up as miles.

It's also perfectly fine to just post your miles here, like Grandma did, and I can add them to the ticker for you.

I can see that we're off to a good start, but I think I need to figure out how many miles I can count for my regular Curves workout so I can contribute my fair share! How many "miles" do you think a person goes running in place for fifteen minutes??

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