Family Mileage Challenge

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Hi Mook!

I figured out your panda and you! How cute. Nice to have you on the blog! You can tell us all about Disney.



Mook said...

Oh thank you i like my panda a lot too. My friends call me Pondchan in Thai so i use that name a lot on internet.

And yes u can ask me anything about disney.


epunger said...

OK - Where did you like to eat when you were at Disney. We are staying at the Music All Stars and we will probably eat a lot at their food court, but do you have any place special to recommend?


Mook said...

I was also at the Music All Stars !! and i ate there a lot, food is ok there for me.

We also ate at Epcot because my conference was there, the food is better than at the resort.

So it is up to your plan~ I am not really have special place for food.