Family Mileage Challenge

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Found Miles

I just got a pedometer to take to Disney. I wore it to work on Friday to see how it worked. According to that, I average 3 miles a day at work. I've worked approximately 105 days since Jen started the Challenge (even accounting for surgery time out, etc.), so we are clear to go. We are now approved to have fun.


I love your new lamb pet! I didn't know we could add sound to our pets. It took me awhile to figure out where that munching sound came from. :-)


Way to go Andy! Our 4 miles a day didn't add up very fast - but we were reasonably faithful about our walking/biking. We should be in good shape for Disney cruising.

Congrats to Jen

Congratulations to Jen on meeting her weight-loss goal. At least one of us did!
Dad :-)