Family Mileage Challenge

Monday, March 3, 2008


Hi! Gp here!

I have an apptm with AAA for Wed AM. I am scheduling Sun-Fri at an ALL STAR RESORT. I am asking for HOPPER PASSES FOR EVERYDAY AND WATER PARK. I am asking about a day out of the park for MGM Studio.

TRAVEL: Here is where I need a little help.

Car travel.Lv Sat for Orlando: Gm, Gp, Braden for sure. Tom, I will ask ab a van. Last time there were none.

Air Lv Sun: Krocs, Sara, Andy (?), Lizzy (?).
  • Krocs fly from ORD?
  • Sara, et al, fly from Sprf (?) or Btn (?)
Let me know about travel needs and other ideas. Love, Gp

1 comment:

djenn said...

Yay Grandpa!! This sounds GREAT.

Krocs can fly out of either ORD or Midway.

I (Jen) would be willing to travel by car if that would be an advantage. I'll email you about this.

My verification word for this comment is rxfggfg. Thought you'd want to know.