Family Mileage Challenge

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Welcome to The Disney Challenge 2008!

Here we can strive together to become better, stronger, faster, and more prepared Pickles. Our destination is a magical place...a place of fun, fantasy, walking, adventure, walking, thrills, sights, and lots and lots of walking! The more we challenge ourselves now, the more we'll enjoy our adventure in August.

We Hereby Challenge each and every one of our company to set a personal goal, and to be accountable to each other to reach that goal. Your goal might be one of physical fitness. You might, for example, set a weight loss target, or calculate a number of workout sessions to be achieved between now and our departure. (Jen and Grandpa are already negotiating details on this one!)

Or perhaps your goal is a significant project, deadline, or experience that you have taken on and pledge to complete before August 3rd. Share the steps along that process with us here, so that we can witness your committment, cheer you on, and heave that sigh of satisfied relief with you when it is accomplished! (Grandma, I hear you have some journaling on your mind?)

It would still be fun to walk the miles to Orlando too, like we did last time. That would be...1181 miles. Divided between the ten of us, that's just a squeak over 118 miles per person. If we figure 24 weeks between RIGHT NOW and August 3rd, then that's...4.9 miles, per person, per week. Whatcha think? Walking, biking, treadmills, jogging in place, running in gym or between all counts.

I'll send email invitations so every one of us (who wants to) can write posts here on this blog. We can also comment on each other's posts. You will probably have to sign up for a Google account if you don't have one already.

Do you like the countdown ticker up there in the corner, and the milage counter at the top? Anyone who wants a personal ticker can make their own at - VERY easy - and I can help get it to show up here - also pretty easy. Hint: After you create your ticker, it will show you boxes with HTML code. Select and copy that code, and email it to me. So simple!

So...who's in for the challenge?


Charlyann said...

This is so cool!!! I can't wait to go!!!!

Gma Judith said...

I am in!! Kudos to Jen for being our cheerleader and blogmeister!